Shipments are made by Certified Mail, therefore no additional notes will be taken in orders similar to these:
1. I need it urgently, it has to arrive tomorrow.
2. I need it before the "X" day.
3. If I'm not at home, call me on the phone.
4. If I'm not at home, let me leave it at the Hairdresser on the corner.
5. That they take it to me in the afternoon, in the mornings I am not at home.
6. Etc. Etc. Etc.
Orders will be sent to the address provided by the customer at the time of placing the order.
Orders will be processed and sent the next business day, after we have proof of payment. If you pay by Bank Transfer, do not forget to send us the receipt.
The post office only has opening in the morning.
Delivery times from when the package is deposited at the Post Office are usually from 6 to 12 working days (Certified Mail).
The possible delays that the shipment may suffer due to local, provincial or autonomous festivities, as well as any other incident due to adverse weather conditions or phenomena, are not included in the delivery terms.
Orders placed on Saturday, Sunday or Holiday, will be processed the next business day and sent as indicated above.